All the data you see in following pictures and videos are randomly generated for demonstration purposes.

If you don't mind horrible editing and cheesy apple stock music for 1 minute 50 seconds

My services

  • You don't have to sign up to use anything in Elxsy apart from Forums.
  • You can have however many budget services as you like.
  • You can change any of the settings and delete the budget with it's entire data.
  • You can delete your account and every last bit (literal bit) of your DATA on demand.


  • Monthly dashboard snapshot to show summary of your incomes, expenses and available monies.
  • If you have setup targets for your categories then over the target expenses with their custom color coding to help you keep on track!
  • Any regular expenses that is up and coming so you don't get caught by surprise!
  • Available in dark mode with flick of a switch! It should already know your preferences and set you on them to begin with :)

Mobile View

  • It should be *OK* to view and work on a mobile phone. I can use some help with the whole visuals so if you can help please reach out!


  • You can define categories for your transactions. These can be Income or Expenses or both.
  • You can set a percentage target to for your category against your whole spending for reports and analysis.
  • This percentage will be used for dashboard reporting and analysis on the reports for hitting the targets.
  • You can assign a custom color to your category to visually distinguish transactions for it in the tabular views and most importantly in the charts:
    • Your dashboard over spent color will come from this color choice.
    • Your pie chart/doughnut spending percentages and month on month bar colors will come from this color choice.
    • The table rows in the reports will come from this color choice.

Recurring Transactions

  • You can setup income/expense of transactions on recurrance basis and Elxsy will automatically add them to your budget on the date.
  • They will keep happening on the frequency you have specified till you change the frequency or remove them.
  • They are great for putting in your salary, utilities or other regular transactions.


  • By default focused into the current financial Month.
  • You can manage, view and filter your transactions however.
  • Filter by Date Window, Category and Tag of your choices.
  • You can see the total number of transactions on top right -> (31)


  • Deep dive in to your data!
  • Some basic reports to start with, more coming!
  • If you have an idea for a report, please get in touch via forums :)